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uPVC roofline replacement 
We know there is no such thing as a 'standard house' so our roofline replacement service comes tailored to suit your property. Our experienced surveyors will also be on hand to help and give advice along the way.
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Fascia & Soffit Replacement

Fascias are the horizontal boards that run along the lower edge of the roof. Fascia boards provide the fixing point for the gutter and support the bottom row of tiles. They also help protect the timber rafter ends from the weather. Soffits are fixed underneath them, covering the eaves to shield your home from the weather. Replacements are available in a variety of styles and colours, all of which are built from ultra-reliable uPVC

Bargeboard Replacement

Bargeboards are the diagonal boards which are fitted to the gable-end of a property. They are installed to conceal and protect the otherwise exposed roof timbers. We replace bargeboards and bargeboard soffits with high-quality uPVC variants and we also offer a variety of decorative options, should you wish to make a feature of your gable end.

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Over Fascia Ventilation

Roof ventilation is essential for preventing the build-up of moisture and is provided by ventilated soffits or over fascia ventilation. Over fascia ventilation involves fixing a ventilator to the top of a fascia board. These ventilators are completely concealed and maintenance free

Bird Prevention System

To prevent birds from nesting in your roof space, we can fit a bird prevention system whilst replacing your fascias. This is a flexible length of plastic that features comb-like prongs, to prevent birds from entering the roof space and causing any damage.

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Unique protection for the roof eaves. The Easy Tray complements the whole system by ensuring any moisture that runs down the membrane enters the gutter thus protecting the roof space from flooding
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